Unsuitable: Part 1 of a Reverse Harem Royal Romance (The Princess’ Harem)



My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!

I received a free ARC copy from Penelope Wren, via Booksprout, in exchange for my honest review

At age 22 it’s time for Princess Violet Mortcombe, the sole heir to the throne of Justana, to find a husband.
Naturally, he must be of noble status so he has influence and of course such a match could only help ensure future alliances for the crown princess. Violet has lived her life very sheltered, never experienced anything real and when she wants to, her advisor tries to squash all her hopes and dreams. Basically, he’s running her life instead of advising her. When Violet is on her way to meet one of the potential matches laid out for her, the princess’ limo hits a bicycle courier. Like Kostas Esker didn’t despise the royal’s already. In an attempt to right a wrong the princess gets herself involved and offers a large donation to a charity of Kostas Esker’s choice, however, he doesn’t trust her and especially not when paparazzi seems to follow her everywhere. But after spending more time together, the attraction between the two can no longer be denied.

Violet is not keen to meet neither of her two royal suitors, Prince Gideon and his half-brother, Prince Tristan of Etria. But when she gets to spend some alone time with each of them, it becomes clear that they’ve changed from the immature kids they once were, into very fiiiine young men. So fine in fact, that Violet can’t choose between them. The queen of Etria (Gideon and Tristan’s mother) has a very unusual marriage arrangement, she herself couldn’t choose between brothers, so she didn’t. She’s with each of the princes’ fathers, so both Gedeon and Tristan had hoped that Violet wouldn’t be able to choose and as luck would happen, they’re okay with bringing Kostas into their arrangement too.

Personally, I found that I had a hard time getting connected to the characters in the book.

Violet didn’t really come across as likeable to me, actually, she seemed kind of full of herself. The way she went on and on about not wanting to meet the Gideon and Tristan, because of how they once were, just kind of made it look like she was the same person since she didn’t even think that they might have changed in the four years they hadn’t seen each other. Though, I do think that Kostas Esker wins the unlikeable price. Usually, I don’t mind his kind of character as they usually make me intrigued to dig deeper, however, I didn’t feel like he’s behaviour was properly explained. Sure, there was a few hints dropped here and there, but nothing to really explain the mountain sized chip on his shoulder.

Violet hasn’t spent a whole lot of time with each of her suitors, yet after what little time she did spend with them, she couldn’t make a choice so she chooses all three. I love the Reverse Harem #whychoose, but for me there needs to be a bit more to it than some kissing, hand holding and light make out, that shouldn’t be enough for anyone to choose who to marry. As the story continues they each end up proclaiming their love for each other – well, Gideon, Tristan and Kostas declare their love for Violet, and she for them. Again, that just seems very rushed.

I knew this book would end on a cliffhanger and I must say, that Penelope Wren has done a great job of informing of this before the story even starts. She’s also made sure to highlight that this book contains sexy stuff, she even lists which chapters it will be in, so if you want to skip it, you can. As I love steamy reads I wouldn’t think of skipping it, but it’s good to know for those who’d mind it. I will say though, that I personally think Penelope nailed the sexy times. I loved that she stayed true to the narrator, Violet, by using words like “member” instead of “d*ck” or “c*ck”.

So there you have it, with all of the above in mind I’ve decided to rate this book 3 ❤❤❤


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