Reckoning (The Four Horsemen Book 7)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!


I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The book was so great that I just had to pick up a copy on the release day.

The seventh and last book of the amazing series, where the author has managed to breathe new life into this very old biblical legend of the four Horsemen. If you haven’t already read the first books, Legacy, Bound, Hunted, Guardians, Chaos & Descent, I would strongly recommend doing so, before moving on to this one.


Reckoning continues the story of Verity (Vee), the fifth Horseman (technically Horsewoman) and the four Pony Boys:

Heath aka Death
Ewan aka Pestilence
Joss aka Famine
Xander aka War

As protectors of the portals Vee and the Pony Boys travel to the States, so they’re closer and hopefully able to stop Seth/Chaos from opening more and led loose the beings behind. Their plan doesn’t go exactly as they’d hoped and before long they run into Chaos, both the being and the turmoil he creates. As yet another portal is open the team seems to be at a loss until they receive Divine intervention. If demons are real, it should be obvious that angels are too. In Descent Team Pony Boys learned that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and in order to fight Chaos they teamed up with demons. However, in a world where Chaos is all around it can be hard to fully know who to trust, but surely angels are not only on the same site as Vee and the Pony Boys, but they should also be able to help with them with what lays ahead, right?

As the story continues we learn the full story of Vee’s origin, power and the special bond she shares with each of the Pony Boys. But not only that, we also learn where they come from and what their job is. All of this leads to the long-awaited fight between Seth/Chaos, Vee and the Pony Boys. In a balanced world there should always be equal opposites, so if there’s disorder there must also be peace, but what if that’s no longer the case?

With each set of answers, the group gets, the road ahead seems harder and harder to travel.


In the process of trying to deal with everything that’s going on, Vee wants to spend as much downtime as possible with her guys, but it’s not easy for everyone to switch off and just sit back. Xander especially, has a hard time sitting around doing nothing, when there’s an unstable ancient god gunning for them. In the midst of everything it could seem like one or two of the Pony Boys are reverting back to old habits but luckily, Lisa is a champion at character development and in this final book we get to see just how far each of them has come.

Even though, this final book is filled with angst, suspicion and fear Lisa once again manages to lighten the mood. We get to meet Syv again, but even she is influenced by the nearing Apocalypse. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Seth/Chaos is one of my all time favourite villains. I absolutely love the mixture of madness and childlike persona Lisa has created, so I was only too happy to read more about him too.

Back when I was reviewing Descent I said that I thought that was the hardest book to review, proves how wrong I was! While Reckoning isn’t hard to review (I loved it), it’s hard to part with the characters I’ve come to love, which does make this read a little bitter sweet, because, while I was craving answers and to find out what happens next, I didn’t want this series to be over. I found this series back in December (I think it was), and it was my first introduction to the RH genre. Needless to say, but now that I’ve found it, I’m never going back!

Personally, I found the inevitable fight and the ending to be perfect. For me it was everything I had hoped for, everything I had questioned and so many things that I hadn’t even thought to question. Seriously, I’m fangirling so hard right now, about the way Lisa managed to explain everything. My one negative is that I would have wanted Vee to get a steed of her own, maybe like a hell horse, but that’s just my imagination working overtime, so that doesn’t in anyway shape or form make this book less amazing.

Full disclosure: the book contains steamy content but I think LJ Swallow manages to walk the line and keep it from being sleazy. The sex scenes are well written and suit the moments, it doesn’t seem forced and the words are well chosen.


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