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Sometime ago I got the brilliant idea of starting my own book blog. Why not? I was writing reviews left, right and center, so it seemed like a good idea to collect it all and make it mine. So I set out to do exactly that. I got my website and sat there looking at it, then it dawned on me that I absolutely have no clue how to set it up.

In Danish, which is my native language, we have a saying that roughly translates like this:

Necessity teaches the naked woman to spin

Basically, it means that a person who’s in great need of something, will find a way to get it. In my case it meant I had to enlist my IT Yoda and so far he’s managed to teach this IT challenged reviewer a few tricks of the trade, so I can get started.

So, if you are reading my reviews and rants and see things changing, please don’t be alarmed. Odds are that I’ve just managed to find a way to F it all up, even if my Yoda said I couldn’t do it – and if I’m lucky, it’s just him changing things around to my liking.


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