Dragon of Destiny (Legends Reborn Book 3)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Dragon of Destiny


Not too long ago I watched the British TV series “Merlin” and I loved how they’ve interpreted the famous Arthurian legend. However, after finishing the series I felt kind of empty and in my haunt for the next great story, I threw myself into Arthurian books.

This book picks up right where Soul’s Blade ended. The Darkest Fae broke free from the seal the original Merlin cast on her, over 1500 years ago. Emma and Darton has to get away as quickly as possible, so when Emma whisks them away by magic, they end up near Boston, where her parents live. However, with the Darkest Fae walking free there’s no time for long and heartfelt family time. The two of them need to make their way back to their protected house, as quick as possible because one thing is clear, the Darkest Fae wants them both, so there’s no time to waste.

On top of that, the oath Emma swore to the Light Fae is proving to be more powerful than even she imagined. It’s almost like the oath is trying to enforce itself, but Emma is willing to do everything for her liege, so she constantly tries to overcome the urge to kill Darton. While Emma still doesn’t have any clue as to how to beat the Darkest Fae, but she does learn why she holds a special interest in Arthur.

Personally, I did find the ending to be a little rushed and I do feel like some things are left unanswered. Like, who’s the Darkest Fae? Was she the Lady Morgana, or was she, like Guinevere and Lancelot made up by people throughout the years? It’s a shame really, because I loved the first book in this trilogy, I thought the second one was okay, but this supposedly great finale wasn’t really worth it, to me. I had hoped for more answers and an epic battle, yet the fight against the Darkest Fae just seemed so underwhelming.

I think the worst part was, that I lost more and more respect and faith in Emma throughout this trilogy! Supposedly, Merlin was the greatest sorcerer of his time, but 1500 years later Emma seems more like a cheap magician with a few parlours tricks up the sleeve. But I could overlook that if there was some good character development but unfortunately, what little there was going on, seemed to almost completely overlook Emma. For such a great wizard with over 1500 years’ worth of memories and knowledge, I was disappointed she was so reluctant to think outside the box.

With all that being said, I think it’s amazing that Eva not only managed to (once again) bring the old Arthurian legends together with modern day. She also puts some funny and clever puns and spins, on the many tales of Arthur Pendragon. I also have to applaud the fact that Eva doesn’t forget the secondary characters, which could easily be done. But instead of putting them aside and only focus on Emma and Darton, she makes them all a vital part of the story which I did like.

But what I personally enjoyed the most, is how powerful love is in these books. The bond between Emma and Darton should be natural, but after so many lifetimes it can be hard to fully comprehend what’s part of the spell and what’s truly in their hearts. But Eva manages to make their bond and love so true and strong, that it’s hard not to be touched by it.



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