Sugar Daddies by Jade West

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Sugar Daddies


This is the first book I’ve read by Jade West and despite only giving this book 2 hearts I can’t deny, that Jade is turning up the heat. She’s knocking the sex scenes out of the park, and then some. Because of that, this won’t be the last book I’m reading by Jade.

With that being said, I did feel that the plot was a naughty version of the family drama in the TV series One Tree Hill. We have Katie and Verity, the two half siblings that share a dad. They’re the same age as their mothers got pregnant almost at the same time. Their dad abandoned Katie and her mum, to stay with his wife, two boys and Verity. That part, just that part, it felt like walking back into Tree Hill with all the drama, hate and not-so-friendly sibling rivalry. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I did like the TV series, but I couldn’t shake the feeling throughout the book and I think the biggest let-down is, that at least the characters in Tree Hill grew up. I’m sorry that I can’t say the same about Katie.

The FMC, Katie, is the most selfish brat that I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about.

She went on and on about MY dream, MY needs, MY feelings. On top of that she’s a raging self-righteous bitch towards her father and half-sister, which is somewhat understandable, but she’s so petty and immature it’s outright disgusting.

In the beginning Katie is portrayed a bit like an underdog. She’s never had much, but she values what she does have. She leads a very simple life with her mum and the love of her life, her horse Samson. Katie’s dream is to buy the stables where Samson lives and then carry on the riding school for kids. In order to be able to afford this dream she finds herself on a sugar daddy website, where she meets Carl and Rick.

Carl and Rick are both bisexual, but they’re in a very committed relationship with each other. They’re on sugar daddies to find a woman they can share in the weekends, it’s also hinted that there’s an ulterior motive, but due to previous failure they won’t rush into this until they know Katie better.

Things turn complicated when Katie’s dad tries to entice her into taking a position in his company, if she does this, she’ll get to meet some famous horse whisperer. Katie is all but stomping and pulling her pig tails, to get out of it but ends up agreeing. When she joins it turns out that Carl is the one running the course. At first Carl won’t accept her into his program because she’s not sincere in wanting to join and I think, that’s the very moment I fell in love with Carl. I love that he’s not trying to accommodate his boss’ daughter (well any of them, because Verity has joined the same program).

I looked her up and down, and my professionalism was offended by the girl before me. If I hadn’t known better I’d have dismissed her as a waste of time, a sulky child, just like her sister. Her fucking sister. A self-entitled little ratbag who expects an easy ride.
Bite me, baby. Her t-short was faded and shrunken, and I could see at least an inch of her belly, the curve of her hips heading into the top of some thoroughly tattered denim.
She looked away from me, folded her arms, and I registered her embarrassment

“I see.” I pulled the application form back. “In that case this intern thing isn’t for you. I’ve already got one joyrider in my programme, I don’t need another”.

With the two step sisters in the same program, and their dad running the business, Carl has his work cut out for him if he wants to help mend those bridges. At the same time his 40 birthday is approaching, so he also has his own deadline, if want to make his and Rick’s dream come true.

Throughout the book we see some excellent character development from anyone, but Katie. I actually think she’s so used to the victim role that she wouldn’t know how to act any differently! But at the same time, it’s really sad to see everyone else bend over backwards for her.

Verity comes a very long way throughout the ordeal, Katie learns the truth about her father and yet, she doesn’t seem different towards any of them. When she finds out what Carl and Rick’s big dream is, she won’t give it to them or even entertain the idea, until it becomes her dream too.

So, for all of those reasons I can honestly say, that this is not a book I’ll be re-reading as one of my biggest pet peeves are whiny female characters! On top of that, I honestly don’t think Katie deserved a happy ending.


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