Queen Takes Rook (Their Vampire Queen Book 4)

My rating:  of 5!

Queen Takes Rook


I received an ARC copy of this book and voluntarily decided to leave my honest review

Do you know the feeling you get when you try to review a truly amazing book?
Naturally, you want to write a review that does it justice, but it’s hard guys, really hard. Firstly, I’m no way near as talented with words as Joely Sue Burkhart is. Secondly, I’m still processing all the new information I’ve received in this latest instalment so my thoughts are all over the place

We pick up pretty much where the third book left us and Shara is enjoying spending time with her new Sib, Mayte. Shara is proving to be quite indulgent when it comes to the new Isador heir and with the help of Isis she gives Mayte’s daughter a truly amazing gift. No matter how much they’d wish to be able to just enjoy life and each other, a traitor in their midst rob them of this and when Ra is back, Shara and her Blood has to be extra vigilant in order to protect their, now extended, family.

Though, Skye is not her greatest enemy Shara has to deal with her sooner or later, so she goes to New York. When Skye evokes the ancient Triune Law Shara and her Blood has no choice but to pay her a visit, which leads to the long-waited showdown between the two Queens. But nothing ever really is as it seems and Shara learns not only the horrifying truth about Skye, but she also receives some heart-breaking news about her mother, the Cobra Queen.

I absolutely loved this book. With each instalment I’ve been thinking “this is my favourite”, but each book keeps getting better and better. In this book we truly see how Shara has grown leaps and bounds from the scared girl Rik and Daire found in the first book. She not only continues to grow in power, but she’s also getting a hell of a lot smarter about things. She’s truly embracing the path, she’s walking!

When Shara is forced to think of what kind of house she, as the Isador Queen, wants to represent, she also learns more about herself and where she comes from. She continues to be a compassionate, generous and merciful Queen and she’s gaining a better understanding of her duty.

So far things have come relatively easy for Shara, don’t get me wrong, I know she’s literally died to protect her nest, but she’s had the powers and answers to deal with more things. I have a feeling that the final book won’t be so straight forward, especially not now when she’s accepted a gift without knowing who has to pay the ultimate price.

As many questions as Joely has answered at least twice as many has come to mind.

So, here’s to the former virgin Queen, may she get be the one to declare Checkmate in the fifth and final book.


WARNING: This book contains detailed sex scenes with M/F, M/M, M/M/F scenes, along with a strong adult language use, so I wouldn’t recommend this series if you’re easily offended. If not, I personally think it suits the world created here, and I don’t find it cheesy or forced!


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