Ravished By Magic (Order of the Akasha #3)

My rating:  of 5!

Ravished by magic


This is the third book in the Order of the Akasha series so, if you haven’t read the other books, I’d recommend you do so before you start this one.

This book picks up relatively close to where Tempted By Magic finished. We find out that Norah and her coven struggle with the fact that Liam still has the familiar attached to him. On top of that, whilst Norah is still drawn to Travis, he’s also started to unnerve her and she’s even more uncomfortable around him. Like that wasn’t enough to deal with, the Order also learns that someone is sucking the magic out of witches. On the plus size, Norah finally gets to do magic with Travis, and I’m happy that it’s finally confirmed that with Norah present, each of her men now represent an element:

Liam – fire
Travis – wind
Gabe – water
Randy – earth

Norah is turning a little too selfish for my liking. When they talk about Liam’s behaviour after the familiar attached itself to him, and Travis bluntly says that Liam is acting like being around her is a chore, she gets offended. I get her nerves are a bit frayed from all of Travis mood swings, but this is about Liam, not her! And earlier when Travis did touch her, ran away from him. Even when he tried to apologize and told her he wouldn’t touch her, all she could say was “let’s not talk now”. So, unfortunately, my kick-ass Norah is turning into a whining bitch witch.

A lot more seems to be going on in this third instalment of the series. Norah and Randy are bending the rules in order to help rid Liam of his familiar, which seems to make him retract more and more from the group. Thanks to the different POV through the chapters we learn, that Liam wants the others’ to stay away as they’re not safe as long as his familiar is around.

It finally happened. Yes sir, I’m talking about Travis and Norah. The two crazy kids finally consummated their bond. Bumped uglies. Did the nasty. Played house. Call it what you want to call it, it happened – and I’m weirdly excited about it. Yes, I’ve been #TeamLiam&Travis from the beginning, but now that she had Travis I also want her to have Liam! I know, I’m greedy like that! But hopefully we’ll get a shared sexy time in the next book.


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