Two Chances: MMF Romance by Elle Everton

My rating:  of 5!

Two Chances


Julie/Juliette had a dream! She dreamed of the Fortune & Fame one can get in Hollywood.
She had a leading role on a TV show and quickly became Americas Sweetheart with her clean image. However, Juliette Sweet forgot that the 2 big F’s comes at a big price. So, when a sex tape of her and her on-screen dad is released, Juliette’s publicist, Kara, advises her to lay low, so she decides to go back home to mama and papa in Angel Falls. On her way she meets one of her high school sweethearts, Travis, and together they drive back home. Whilst back home Juliette takes a normal job (again, as per advice from her publicist, to keep up her image), as a barista and starts up her old relationships with Travis and Ace. Without realising it, Juliette Sweet is slowly becoming Julie again.

Even though, Julie/Juliette knows that having hot M/M/F sex is not exactly what her publicist recommended, she can’t help herself. But her world is turned upside down, again, when a blog reporter threatens to expose her escapades, unless she willingly gives an interview about all the stuff she’s been up to. When Juliette gives a heartfelt interview (well I guess it’s more of a one-woman-rant really), about how she was slut-shamed while her co-star wasn’t, being in love with two men – she goes viral. People feel passionate about having her back on the show, and Juliette leaves behind the two men she claimed to love and goes back to Hollywood.

Right after school Travis decides to join the army. He needs to get away from Angel Falls. However, when things go really bad on a mission he ends up receiving an honorable discharge, which brings him back to Angel Falls.

When Travis and Julie/Juliette left Angel Falls, Ace was left on his own to take care of his little brother and mother. He’s done alright for himself, but he’s not living his dreams or even a stable life. His earnings comes from hosting illegal poker tournaments, but with his responsibilities he doesn’t feel like he could take a 9-5 job anywhere. So he does what he must to be able to provide for his family.

To me Julie/Juliette is a self-centred brat. Why?
Well let’s take a look, shall we.

She makes in Hollywood, but takes it all for granted. Come on, having sex with your on-screen dad on set while screaming “yes, daddy, yes” – to whom could that possibly seem like a good idea? As much as she likes to think so, our darling FMC is no innocent party in this. She claims it’s about slut shaming, about her not being allowed a sex life? Euhm hello, Earth to Juliette… it’s about TIME AND PLACE. The bet set of the on-screen teenage daughter is probably not the best place.


Right, so she’s sent back home to re-build her brand and/or hope for bigger and better scandals to happen to other people (way to live your life). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s kind of cool she rekindles with her high school sweethearts. But being busted by hidden cameras having sex once, shit can happen (let me clarify, I say that with another eye roll because who in Hollywood wouldn’t know better?) – yet, she doesn’t care about the cameras in Ace’s garage that she knows about.

To me it’s incredibly frustrating that a grown arse person isn’t more aware of this and doesn’t take more responsibility. I mean, yes, she’s a fictional character in a book – but she’s so infuriatingly naïve and selfish that she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. Forget about when she left the boys and her family the second time around, the first time around she said goodbye to the boys in 2 handshakes and didn’t say anything to her parents. Pfft.


I wanted to punch Juliette/Julie when she asks Ace and Travis to go with her to Hollywood! Not because she asked, but because it felt more like a demanding ultimatum. Scratch that. IT WAS a demanding ultimatum. Because when Travis says no, she goes all emo on him and has the decency to say “no even for me” – but at the same time, when asked she declines staying with them. UGH!

So if you like selfish, bratty, entitled and weak female main characters, this book might be for you. If you like kick-arse female main characters with a healthy attitude and backbone, I would stay away from this book.


With my Julie/Juliette now officially being over, I’d like to say that I absolutely LOVE Travis and Ace. I love them individually. I love them together. I’m especially loving that there’s a very beautiful and emotional M/M relationship going on as well.


So they’re the reason the book deserves 3 stars, for being so deliciously awesome!

Have you read this book or any other books like it? Comment and let me know.


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