Their Shade (Daughters of Olympus #4)

My rating:  of 5!

Their Shade


This is book #4 chapter in the tales of the Daughters of Olympus. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you read the other books before starting this one.

This book focuses on the fourth sister, Tennyson, who lives at the river Styx with three friends: South, Lennox & Hawthorne. Unlike the others, Tennyson has basically grownup at the river and doesn’t straight away remember her past. We quickly learn, that Tennyson shares her sisters stubbornness and fear of opening yourself up to others. However, after meeting Eric (Harlow’s lost love) Tennyson is forced to re-think her priorities and sees that it’s better to have loved and lost, than live in regret.

The only reason I won’t give the book 5 stars is that, awesome as it is, it feels like something is missing! The sex scenes seem very rushed (okay, they are on a timer set by Charon,to catch the ferry) but also forced. It seems more like an unrehearsed forced act, rather than an act of love and desire or even just lust. It’s also a bit over and done with that the daughter is a stubborn heart guarding virgin, who looses her v-card in a steamy orgy. Lark and Tennyson has been a bit different, but at the same time their stories are all very much alike.

Okay, let me just get this off my chest right away! When I’m wrong I don’t mind admitting it, so here we go: I WAS WRONG

I actually thought their mother would be Aphrodite. Yes, all that talk about love fooled me. So a big thank you to Charlie Hart & Anastasia James for creating such a clever twist that completely had me fooled.

I can’t wait for the final book “Their Goddess” but I am kind of thinking if this is just her story, it’s a big of a let down. Personally, I want to see all the sisters together. I want to see Lark and Tennyson reunited. So here’s hoping!

Have you read the book? Thinking about it? Comment and let me know.


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