Dragon’s Desire (The Dragon Shifter’s Mates Book 3)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Dragon's Desire


Once again we pick up right where the previous instalment in the series left us and, Ren is still at the Avian estate, with her 4 alphas:

Aaron: Avian kin
Marco: Feline kin
West: Canine kin
Nate: Disparate kin

However, when the rogues attack the Disperate estate the group travels there, so Nate can return to his kin. With the Disparate kins pretty much being a mix of everything that isn’t Avian, Feline or Canine, Ren meets a lot of different shifters.

As the story goes on we’re presented with more drama, danger and excitement. Luckily, Ren is really coming into her own in this book. Her strength is growing by leaps and bounds, and the same can be said about her abilities and confidence. As Ren is finally realizing her worth and is becoming the woman she was meant to be, her alphas seem more open towards her input. Even West has to acknowledge her growth and learns the hard way that she’s holding her own in more ways than 1. Ren is also proving herself to be a merciful leader who’s also learning when to hold back.


We also get to learn more about the rogue’s plans, and when Ren and her alphas head towards the Feline estate, we quickly learn that nothing is as it seems, and no cat is safe. Especially not Marco, one of his kins challenges him almost as soon as they arrive, and Ren finally gets to see what her alphas has to put up with.

As the book finishes she’s taken 3 of the 4 alphas as her mates.

I might be way off here, but there’s something sketchy about Ren’s friend Kylie, who makes a surprise visit at the Feline estate. In the beginning I was all for her having a relationship with someone outside the shifter community, and a part of me still thinks it’s great. However, there’s something shady going on with Kylie. Why suddenly fly to California, no matter how great the deal of the air ticket was, when last time she visited a shifter home (the canines) she was almost chowed to death?


Have you read the book? Thinking about it? Comment and let me know.


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