Dragon’s Ruin (Blood Prophecy, #4)

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Dragon's Ruin


Once again, the books start up where the previous one finished
. Aria is still at the Jaegar castle, with her 5 dragon mates:


Aria has found out that one of her ancestors was given part of the Blood stone (as in literally absorbed it into her body). This shows that Aria isn’t technically a magical being, but the magic of the stone still runs through her veins. Thus, the princes decide that Aria needs magical training lessons, and she does progress throughout the training sessions.

Zyrian, the dark dragon, can’t breach the protection ward that surrounds Castle Jaeger, however, he is doing everything he can to draw Aria out. Whether he succeeds or not, only time will tell. At the moment only one thing is certain, a showdown is unavoidable in the next, and last book, of the Blood Prophecy series.

I’m still not emotionally invested in these books, and I’m having a really tough time telling the princes apart. Whether my memory just sucks big time (which let’s be honest, it is very possible since I’ve binge read the books during Easter), or if the authors just aren’t good at getting the message across, either way it’s not really a great tell-tale – and it doesn’t really vote well for any future readings I could have chosen by Lili Zander and/or Rory Reynolds.

I also feel like this entire plot is a poor execution of a cliché that’s been written a million times over. However, as I’m now so close, I will be sticking it out to the end. But I guess that’s mostly down to me needing to know how it ends. So, for that reason I suppose I should be grateful that the books are so damn short!

Even with the sexy times I’ll say this is more YA than anything else, because it’s not really that moving. So it’s a bit like flipping the channels on your TV/TIVO/Netflix/Amazon w/e – where you end up watching some lame-ass entertaining show, just so you don’t have to process and think too much. For that kind of entertainment this book series is spot on!

Have you read the book? Thinking about it? Comment and let me know.


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