Dragon’s Hope (Blood Prophecy, #3)

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Dragon's Hope


Once again, the books start up where the previous one finished. Aria and her 5 dragon mates:


are still working together, so end the curse and restore magic to the world. They’re also getting to know each other better, and it seems like Aria enjoys the different relationship she has with each of the princes. However, when the princes try to give Aria some time to get her head around all that has happened, she becomes whiny and her dialogue is very much unbearable.

Finally we also get to know more about Zyrian, who has started to torture Aria in her sleep, with visions of Silas being killed. It turns out that Zyrian is also interested in Aria and her mysterious heritage. To be able to handle all of that, Aria and the five dragon princes have to unravel Aria’s parentage, and hopefully they’ll be the first ones.

In order to have better protection the Aria and her princes travel to the Jaegar castle, where Aria learns more about who she is, and what her legacy is

Personally I feel that this book acts as a filler. It may be the fact that these books are so short, that it would serve them better to be one or two big ones, but at the moment I still remain unimpressed.


Even with the sexy times I’ll say this is more YA than anything else, because it’s not really that moving. So it’s a bit like flipping the channels on your TV/TIVO/Netflix/Amazon w/e – where you end up watching some lame-ass entertaining show, just so you don’t have to process and think too much. For that kind of entertainment this book series is spot on!

Have you read the book? Thinking about it? Comment and let me know.


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