Groupie (Rock-Hard Beautiful, #1)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!



Wow, okay, so mixed feelings about this book! I’ve read so many of C.M Stunich’s books, which I’ve loved. But with this one I’m so conflicted.

When Lilith’s dad dies of cancer she has nowhere to go, courtesy of a cheating ex-boyfriend and a very distraught step mum who just wants to move on. When she goes to sell some concert tickets with the band “Beauty in Lies”, by sheer luck she finds the lead singer, Paxton, and thus, win a VIP evening with the band. Lilith bonds with the different members of the band, and ends up sleeping with 4/5 within 24 hours (well done girl!). The band convinces her to stay on the bus for 2 weeks, and when she’s not crying about how sad her life is (TBF it really is sad!), or getting busy with 4 of the 5 band members, she tried to help mending the broken bonds between all the men, and their troubled pasts.

I get the symbolism in this book, the whole there’s beauty in pain and the most basic of our survival instincts. However, there’s a line and unfortunately, to me it’s crossed in this book that manages to make beauty of some of the worst human traits – which is really admirable (seriously the writing is bloody amazing). But it’s just not for me! Beauty in ugly is one thing, but at some point one has to put on one’s big girl heels and brave the big bad world, without crying or sexing it up all the time. Why does being selfish, entitled and a brat get beautiful? Shouldn’t we applaud compassion and kindness instead? To me Lilith just haven’t really shown any redeeming qualities. Yes, she’s not overly happy taking the guys’ money and yes she does make home cooked meals! But to me it had been better off if it wasn’t all like: “and he thrust in me ***I miss you daddy*** I groaned ***daddy no***”. To me that’s just messed up.

The FMC Lilith is equal parts adoring, caring, selfish, entitled, brattish and crazy. I mean, who knew that the death of your dad would turn you into a groupie? I get the whole life and death, let’s have crazy sex, thing. However, this is actually kind of disturbing and weird! On top of that her infamous ex-boyfriend put her trust through the ringer when he cheated on her, and left her with a lovely parting gift, in form of a STD. Yet, Lilith is not too good to move in on another woman’s man, and being pretty dang smug about it.

I think it’s important to know and write about the beauty in survival, and overcoming all the curve balls life throws at you. It doesn’t need to be done in style or in a nice pair of heels. However, I really hate when it’s done by a selfish FMC with no clarity or insight. Someone who introduces Mr. Pot to Mr. Kettle and throws the first stone at her rival’s glasshouse!

As I am really torn of whether I love or hate the book I will have to give the next one the ol’ college try, and I won’t rate this one low on the count of being indecisive, especially not considering the writing is brilliant whether or not it speaks to me.


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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