Tempted By Magic (Order of the Akasha #2)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Tempted by Magic


Fantastic follow-up to Summoned by Magic and I cannot say it enough, I adore Norah and her coven of manly witches:


Norah is proving to be a force to be reckoned with and, she definitely takes care of her own. My personal favorites have to be Travis and Liam, yes, I  me some shy and awkward men, who doesn’t play by the rules just coz’. But not only that I actually find it refreshing that Travis isn’t all over Norah and tripping over his feet in order to please her. He’s rude, obnoxious and stubbornly staying out of her way, which, at least for me, is a nice change in this genre.

With these being quite short and fast paced it’s hard to go too much into the plot, without giving too much away. And since I don’t like when people spoil things for me, I’m trying my hardest not to spoil this for anyone else. What I can say is, Norah has permanently moved to Salem now and, thanks to Liam’s deep pockets she’s about to open her magic shop. As Salem is known for such attractions she’s of course not the only one and one of her neighbours, a spiritual medium who can contact the dead, raises questions as she supposedly doesn’t have any magic, but suddenly her business is booming and corpses starts turning up. At the same time Norah, Travis, Liam, Gabe and Randy’s magic seems to not be working properly which makes it hard for them to feel the pull when something happens.

I was a little disappointed that things didn’t go my way (hello, sexy times with Travis wanted). But mostly because now I do worry that it’s going to be forced, now that he’s been on the site line for 2 books.

Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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