Protecting Our Virgin (Our Virgin #1)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Protecting our Virgin


When Chloe goes on holiday in Jamaica with her boyfriend she quickly learns it’s either “put out” or “stay out”. When Chloe doesn’t choose the first, her boyfriend enforces the latter, but only after being a complete a hole and making sure she has no money, phone, passport or even clothes! Chloe goes to the beach whilst contemplating what to do and luckily, she runs in to two adrenaline junkies who takes her back to their place, where she meets the last two of her soon to be four men harem.

Let me just get this out; I get that Chloe is reluctant to give up her virginity which is fair enough. Yet a few minutes after meeting Enzo, Mason, Noah and Ethan, she is lusting so hard after them that she asks to see their cocks. In her own words

I’m a virgin, not a prude

Well it’s hard to get those two mixed up isn’t it? Especially, when she’s ready to go down on them so quickly! She barely knows them a week and she gives them her virginity?

The four guys are what I enjoyed most in this story, each of them have different personalities which makes it easy telling them apart. I was a bit disappointed with Chloe because even though the story is told from her perspective, we’re given very little information about who she is, how she thinks, what’s the reason for her actions? For me I would have liked to get to know her better.

But even with all this in mind I did enjoy this book and I can’t wait to read book 2!


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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