Their Siren (Daughters of Olympus #1)

My rating: ❤❤ of 5!

Their Siren


Let me start by saying that I love anything mythology related, especially Norse, Greek and/or Roman. I love the Reverse Harem genre. So this should be right up my street, right? RIGHT? Well it’s not! Why? Well that’s a dang good question, one I wish I could answer because I don’t quite know myself.

Is it because the story felt off? Is it because the story felt rushed? Is it because the plot feels childish? Is it because there’s no depth in any of their personalities? Any of those, or all? I really don’t know!!! Have you ever bought a piece of garment because it looks incredibly good on the model, so you imagine it will look fab on you – then reality turns out to be so much different? Well that’s how this book feels to me! Great idea, but lacking in the execution.

Like this: description vs description

I guess the main thing is that it felt more like it should have been a working progress, instead of a published book. I mean, the beginning is fine, Harlow has always felt a call from the water, so one day she dives in and goes for a swim. In itself it’s not strange. However, suddenly she can breath under water and swim really fast and, oh year, she’s somehow developed a tail. She’s picked up by some men that are fishing and claim that they were drawn to her song. Harlow and her men has one hot night together before she takes off and leaves them alone.

Even if you don’t focus on the way too fast pace the story’s set at you can’t ignore, that there’s no middle and no buildup. Harlow and her men goes from strangers to loving each other faster than she can grow back her tail… hmm!

The very last thing that rubs me the wrong way is her show down with her father, it is way too easy. There’s no angst, excitement or buildup in any way, shape or form. Very disappointing.

As it is a series I will be reading all the books and hopefully, the other daughters will have better stories.

Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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