Onyx Eclipse (The Raven Queen’s Harem Part 5)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Onyx Eclipse


Okay, this is the second review in this series that I’m actually stoked to be writing
! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all the books and went through them in no time. But because they’re all so fast paced and short, it’s hard to write a proper review without giving too much away. So far, I’ve kind of tried my best to just give a feel of the book, without making it the spoiler party of 2018.

In this fifth instalment the pace is easier to digest and thus, easier to review on. We split the time between the Otherside and our world and, by now we know that Morrigan has four of Morgan’s five Raven guards. Damien, Clinton and Sam she got her hands on involuntarily, and they’re now locked up in her dungeons. They’re alive, barely, and being tortured regularly by the Morrigan’s most loyal subject. Meanwhile Bunny keeps painting his magical paintings and following the orders from his new mistress.

The Morrigan proves that she’s a fierce adversary, and her power at the Otherside is enormous, so only a fool would underestimate her.


Back on our side, Dylan and Morgan are the only two standing of their group of six. At times it does seem like they’re close to giving into despair, but once again Morgan rises to the occasion and proves to be ready to beat the Morrigan at her own game.

Morgan is determined to save her guards, and the world from the Morrigan’s virus, and she’s willing to give her own life in return. This fifth and second last instalment in the series, just upped the excitement and angst by 100%.



Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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