Accepted (VIP College, #1)

My rating: ❤ of 5!

Accepted VIP College


I think I made it about 50% through this book before I was ready to give up, however, pure stubbornness from the hours I had already wasted made me continue right to the end. Sitting back and thinking about it, I find it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes this book so cringe worthy… maybe it’s the utter lack of depth, lack of personality, lack of progress and growth, I’m not sure which reason to go with. What I am sure about is, that this seems very much like a rough draft that shouldn’t have been published yet!


Plot: A girl gets a free scholarship ride into the world of the rich and famous, and she starts writing a romantic novel (anonymously) for the school paper, in order to gain more readers and thus, save them all (how very fairy tale ish). Upon working on the paper she’s introduced to the billionaire kid, the prince and the rock star and thanks to instant chemistry they all 3 want her, and she wants them too. Upon interacting with each different guy she gains more experience in the world of romance which she can adjust and use for her story.


Personally I feel that this girl is a joke to women everywhere! No, I’m not some hard core or semi core feminist, but when you get into an elite school but know literally NOTHING about pop culture, real life or it’s students, that’s just a bit hard to sell. On top of that, that would then also mean that she was only accepted due to either her looks or her writing. I’m sorry but show me an elite school anywhere, that allows you to focus only on one thing. The US elite universities (Harvard, Yale etc.) all require you have back up plans and a very broad knowledge of different things, same with Cambridge and Oxford in the UK. Yet, here we have a girl that writes about what she doesn’t know, and doesn’t know who “Dylan” is when music references are made. I’m sorry, but that just reeks of bad writing and imagination. But wait, it gets better.

So the 3 powerful boys all stand in line to be the one to inspire her for her story, and when our bad-boy rock star decides to give her a private lesson in the art of articulation, she doesn’t know the word “c***” until she reads it in an erotic classic – yet, with his fingers buried between her legs she all of a sudden knows a lot of things.


Maybe it would create better personality flow, progress and personal growth to have had chapters from the guys POV. That way it wouldn’t just seem like she’s going from one guy in one room, to the next in the other room. But all we hear is they’re interested and want to inspire her. Why? Is she stunningly beautiful? Is she shy? What makes them tick? What got their interest? How’s the chemistry?


I could continue for days, but instead I’ll leave what very much seems like a teenage girls diary and move on to more solid books and plots!


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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