Seduction (Curse of the Gods, #3)

My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!


Okay, so I may not be about to buy and “team Willa” t-shirts anytime soon, but I’ll sign up for an “Abcurse forever” in a heartbeat! Who wouldn’t want a piece of the five Gods:

❤Coen has the gift of Pain
❤Rome has the gift of Strength
❤Siret has the gift of Trickery
❤Yael has the gift of Persuasion
❤Aros has the gift of Seduction

This fast paced series did start to make a lot more sense in this third instalment of the Curse of the Gods series. Which is great, however, I feel that I am so over Willa’s childish and ignorant behaviour. I mean she’s eighteen, not eight! But somehow she still managed to ruin most big moments for me, which is such a shame.

What really saved this book was the Abcurse brothers, their personalities and their different view on things. Willa’s inner monologues continue to be somewhat entertaining, but when the brothers are called back to Topia to stand trial for breaking the ONE rule they had to obey, she’s left alone and things get a bit out of hand. Yes, Willa manages to get through, however, in all honesty I think it says more about the beings around her than herself.

When she returns to Topia and gets a lesson in how to control her powers, and maybe even a small hint about who she really is, I did kind of lose it with her. When you’re given the lesson of a lifetime by creatures that actually go above and beyond for you, it’s time to sit your clothed ass down and pay attention. But what does our darling heroine do? She can’t focus and whines about the brothers, AGAIN. Admittedly, they’re all FIIIIINE but come on, time and place! That part unfortunately, made me lose patience with her all over again.

“Why would I take you to a rose garden in the middle of the sun-cycle to kill you? Give me a little credit. I’d do it in the dark at least, and at most, I’d pick a more interesting location. Always do a job properly, even if it’s murder.”
― Jaymin Eve, Seduction.

I keep finding myself almost hoping that Willa gets killed, so someone else, less annoying, can take her place. However, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen so I guess I have to make my peace with the eighteen year old child.


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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