Merging Darkness (Dark Codes #4)

My rating: ❤❤❤ of 5!

Merging Darkness


After reading the first three books I was hesitant to read the last one! I really loved the first book but unfortunately, it’s only been going downhill since then and to be completely honest, I kind of had to force myself to read the last one. Unfortunately, the current Darcy is a far cry from the one who I adored in the first book, or maybe it was just because I hadn’t gotten to know her yet. Either way through book two till four she seems a bit too immature and stubborn for my liking. There’s nothing wrong with a headstrong FMC, however, a downright dumb and emotional one is another story!

I’ll risk everything to make sure my father’s killer ends up dead.

Because of my abilities, they’ve made me one of them. Five men and one woman—secret agents working against corruption. The locations of the six training bases have been revealed, and now it’s down to us to make sure the people there stay alive.

Special Agent Hollan, the man who killed my father, always seems to be one step ahead in this deadly game of chess. Will we reach the other bases in time to warn them of an imminent attack?

I have my five guys by my side as we travel, and stolen glances and secret kisses hold promises for our future… assuming we all live long enough.

To me Darcy hit and all time low in this book where her childish entitlement, emotions and lack of responsibility really shows. Her dad died when she was 14, and we know her mum left them both. However, someone should have taught her the basics about life, like how it’s not always fair, sometimes bad shit happens to good people, but most importantly: every action creates a reaction! Darcy has been going through these books with such righteous fury, and yet it never daunts on her that even though, NONE of them has been dealt a winning hand in life we don’t see the others lashing out or crying about how unfair it all is – and let’s not forget who dragged who into what. Such lack of responsibility doesn’t add up to a strong female lead.

With all that being said I do think that the majority of the book is an okay finish, and I did enjoy the unsuspected twist at the end.

Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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