Chaos (The Four Horsemen Book 5)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!



I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The book was so great that I just had to pick up a copy on the release day

The fifth book of this amazing series where the author has managed to breathe new life into this very old biblical legend of the Four Horsemen. If you haven’t already read the other books, Legacy, Bound, Hunted & Guardians I would strongly recommend doing so, before moving on to this one.


Chaos continues the story of Verity (Vee) the fifth Horseman (technically Horsewoman) and the four Pony Boys.

Heath aka Death
Ewan aka Pestilence
Joss aka Famine
Xander aka War

This story picks up right where Guardian left us on a nasty cliff hanger.
The Pony Boys and vee has never been so threatened or lost in their fight against this faceless adversary. This unknown deity seems to be using the Pony Boys powers against themselves and for the first time the Pony Boys are faced with their mortality. What if Heath is too late? Or even worse, what if he’s the next one to go? So far Vee has displayed some of their powers, but it doesn’t seem like she has the resurrection skills.

I’d love to say, that I wasn’t a bit afraid how it was going to play out, but I can’t. I’ve been suspicious of Vee for some time now, so I was dreading finding out more about her true role in all of this. My guess was that her roll would be like a Joker in a set of cards. The ultimate backup that can fill any spot, should the needed card be missing. (view spoiler).

As the bigger picture starts to reveal itself it becomes clear that the five needs as many allies as possible and they can’t afford to push any away.

I can honestly say that I was extremely excited for this book!
📚Firstly, it was my first time as an ARC reader (for those who don’t know what it means, like I didn’t until now, that means I received an advanced copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)
📚Secondly, the enormous cliff-hanger from book #4 was a real nail biter and finally my suspicions were proved right. Without giving away too much information I can reveal that all the Pony Boys are finally playing ball and there’s formal wear involved.

My biggest and only complaint is, that the books are too short. But honestly that’s just the impatience in me that doesn’t want to wait for the next one, it has nothing to do with Lisa’s amazing writing! Readers be aware: this instalment finishes on another cliff hanger!

Full disclosure: the book contains steamy content but I think LJ Swallow manages to walk the line and keep it from being sleazy. The sex scenes are well written and suit the moments, it doesn’t seem forced and the words are well chosen.


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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