The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

Do you remember the prophecy of seven?

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire, the world must fall,
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death


New prophecy, new characters, new adventures.
Beware: this review contain spoilers!


Son of Neptune

That’s right, Percy is finally back. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much I’ve missed him. But the Lost Hero just wasn’t the same without him, so reading this book is warming my fangirl heart!

In this book our core group is: Percy Jackson and his two new sidekicks Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang who he meets at Camp Jupiter as he carries an old woman to safety. Naturally, the old woman is a goddess in disguise and it turns out to be none other than queen of Olympus, Juno herself.

Welcome to:


Juno comes to Percy whilst he’s kind of busy trying to escape from Medusa’s two Gorgon sisters, who doesn’t care that he doesn’t remember anything about the past.

“Look, ladies, we’ve been over this. I don’t even remember killing Medusa. I don’t remember anything! Can’t we just call a truce and talk about your weekly specials?”


But to be fair, amnesia should never be an excuse for past behaviour and anyway, Percy and Juno has other places to be.

“Juno: “All roads lead there child. You should know that.”
Percy: “Detention?”

When Percy arrives at camp Jupiter he unintentionally stirs up some trouble, causes the visit of the camps two patron gods and, runs into an old frenemy.

“Two hundred Romans, and no one’s got a pen? Never mind!”
He slung his M16 onto his back and pulled out a hand grenade. There were many screaming Romans. Then the hand grenade morphed into a ballpoint pen, and Mars began to write.
Frank looked at Percy with wide eyes. He mouthed: Can your sword do grenade form?
Percy mouthed back, No. Shut up.”


“There!” Mars finished writing and threw the scroll at Octavian. “A prophecy. You can add it to your books, engrave it on the floor, whatever.”
Octavian read the scroll. “This says, ‘Go to Alaska. Find Thanatos and free him. Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die’.”
“Yes,” Mars said. “Is that not clear?”
“Well, my lord…usually prophecies are unclear. They’re wrapped in riddles. They rhyme, and…”
Mars casually popped another grenade off his belt. “Yes?”
“The prophecy is clear!” Octavian announced. “A quest!”

Sure enough, our heroes Percy, Hazel and Frank are off on the most un-cryptic quest so far, the Quest for Thanatos. In order to make up for it, we meet Ella the Harpy who loves to read, and occasionally share half prophecies:

“To the north, beyond the gods, lies the legion’s crown
Falling from ice, the son of Neptune shall drown…”

And let’s not forget the few lines about Wisdom’s daughter who walks alone!
Speaking of Wisdom’s daughter, Percy only has one memory from his old life: Annabeth, and throughout the book different things reminds him of her and their previous adventures.

“Percy tried to remember. He really did. For some reason, Annabeth and he had visited a spa and decided to destroy it. He couldn’t imagine why. Maybe they hadn’t like the deep-tissue massage? Maybe they’d gotten bad manicures?”

What else can I say, I love that Percy is back, because without him the narrating just wasn’t the same. I don’t even mind having to share POV’s with Hazel and Frank, which I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would. Both Hazel and Frank are interesting, awkward and powerful characters who complements Percy very well.

Personally, I especially liked how the feelings between those two developed. Unlike Piper, Hazel isn’t spending every waking moment wondering if Frank notices her – actually, when the story starts she has no romantic interest in him. On their quest Percy, Hazel and Frank form a strong friendship which for Frank and Hazel escalates, but because of their bond it doesn’t feel like Percy is the third wheel, like it did with Leo. We also learn who Hazel and Franks godly parent is, and especially for Hazel it turns out there’s a lot at stake.

I also think it’s worth noticing that with and without his memories, Percy is the same guy. He’s loyal to a fault, and he’s always ready to put his life on the line in order to help others. These traits play a bigger role in this book, than what we’ve seen previously. Even though, Percy sacrificed a lot throughout the Olympians series, it was for his friends and loved ones. I’m in no way trying to make that less important, but this is the first time he’s literally doing it for strangers.

“Juno: Because I know you, Percy Jackson. In many ways, you are impulsive, but when it comes to your friends, you are as constant as a compass needle. You are unswervingly loyal, and you inspire loyalty. You are the glue that will unite the seven.”

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