The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #3)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5!

The Titan's Curse


We start the book with Thalia, Annabeth and Percy going to a dance. Well, technically they’re going to help out Grover who’s undercover at a school dance, because he’s sniffed out 2 powerful half-bloods (Nico and Bianca Di Angelo). When they arrive and meet Grover things escalate quickly when the hunters of Artemis, and Artemis herself, shows up, as they’ve been tracking the manticore that now, due to unfortunate timing, has captures Annabeth.

Artemis decides to go off on her own and capture the beast, that’s said to be the bane of Olympus, but before she leaves she calls for a lift from her ever-charming twin, Apollo, and he takes them to Camp Half-Blood. Whilst there Zoë Nightshade, Artemis’ second in command, has a dream vision showing that Artemis needs her. But the rules at camp are quite simple; no one leaves without a quest. However, Zoë is given the quest and receives the following prophecy from the oracle:

Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,
One shall be lost in the land without rain,
The bane of Olympus shows the trail,
Campers and Hunters combined prevail,
The Titan’s curse must one withstand,
And one shall perish by a parent’s hand.

Zoë refuses to allow any males on the quest so she decides to bring Grover (as a Satyr his sex doesn’t count), Annabeth, Thalia, Bianca and Phoebe (one of the hunters) on the quest for Artemis. Naturally, it doesn’t sit well with Percy to be left back at camp, again, so he hitches a ride with the most sugar crazed winged horse you could ever imagine, Blackjack, and thus, he manages to catch up and be included in the quest.


Throughout the book we meet more gods, monsters and even one of the Titan’s. We also receive more, but still very limited, info about the secret prophecy that involves the next child of one of the big three, who turns 16. Just as Thalia was back in the running, she takes herself out but thanks to a last minute curve ball from Rick Riordan it’s not certain to be Percy, as one more player enters the game.

Personally this is by far my favorite book in the series. I absolutely love how intense, funny and sad it is. Actually, it’s so sad towards the end that Percy doesn’t even have any witty comebacks, which my misty eyes missed as I was reading it. The fact Percy is not as snarky in this books as he’s been in the previous ones is a great tell-tale of how serious things are becoming.

Honestly, I did miss some of Percy’s snark which is why it’s great that Rick let the secondary characters’ personality shine – which I took great pleasure in.



Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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