Bound (The Four Horsemen Series Book 2)

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤of 5!



This is the second book in this amazing book series, where the author has managed to breathe new life into this very old biblical legend of the four Horsemen. If you haven’t already you need to read Legacy before reading this.


Bound continues the story of Verity (Vee) the fifth Horseman (technically Horsewoman) and the four Pony Boys.

Heath aka Death
Ewan aka Pestilence
Joss aka Famine
Xander aka War

Vee has learned that her entire life is lie and the family and friend she thought had just moved away, doesn’t actually exist. Apparently in Vee’s creation (not birth) she was given fake memories, to keep her safely hidden, but now that she’s united with her Pony Boys, they’ve started to fade. When Vee first heard about this she didn’t handle it very well. However, as the story progress she’s getting to terms with it.

Her life has not made any easier by the fact that she knows the other Horsemen are withholding information from her and this leads to frustration on her part. Living with four insanely handsome guys are also taking its toll on Vee. Especially, as she feels attracted to all four, but she can’t be sure how much of it is pure female appreciation of the four smoking hot men or how much, is because of their mystical connection. All she knows is that she’s gravitating towards each of them.

Like that’s not enough, the guys keep treating her as a fragile human, instead of their equal. But when Vee has a traumatic experience on a night out with Ewan and Xander she sets out for revenge and in the process, she activates more power and learn proves that she can handle herself.

I enjoyed this second instalment in the series more than the first. It feels like now that the main introductions are over, the story can really get into its stride. I am so pleased that Lisa has chosen to include different POV’s in this book, it really helped me gain some more insight and it’s generally just something I value a lot in the books I read.

The one thing I don’t like is, that Vee is causing a ripple in the group dynamic by keeping secrets with one and deliberately not sharing it with all. I can’t help but think that this may lead to some unwanted tension and unforeseen consequences further down the line, when Truth is not being completely honest. But then again, I might just be expecting the worst whilst secretly hoping for the best.

Full disclosure: the book contains steamy content but I think LJ Swallow manages to walk the line and keep it from being sleazy. The sex scenes are well written and suit the moments, it doesn’t seem forced and the words are well chosen.


Have you read this book or anything like it? Comment and let me know.


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